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Free Spa Games for Girls

Enter any of these spa games and just relax! These games are perfect if you are looking to do your fingernails, try out some new makeup options, apply some tea treatments to open up clogged pores or just take a warm bath and a massage. Name the treatment you are looking for and you’ll find it here.

You will also find some of your best friends from the barbie world, like Barbie and Ken. There are also different Disney princesses, like Ariel, Elsa, Jasmine, Snow White and Rapunzel. Do you think our spa games forget about your favorite pets? Well, think again! Some of these games can apply treatments to cats, dogs, and even ponies! Not that they are not pretty enough, but you can make them look even better by the time you finish! – Just pick the game that features your favorite character and start having fun like never before!