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[Average: 4.3] is an addictive multiplayer browser game where you take control of a small worm and hope to turn it into a big worm. Its simple and incredibly fun and incredibly addictive! puts a group of players into a large map. The map itself is simply a background and all across it are small illuminated orbs that when consumed by your tiny worm make it bigger. The more orbs you consume the bigger you get! If you manage to spot a fast moving orb and catch it, you will get a big size boost!

The game is controlled by your mouse pointer on the screen. The worm will follow it and as it turns you're worm will curve around. Super simple right? Well as your worm gets bigger it becomes overall a bit slower. Meaning you need to be careful about your movements later on especially since the other players on the map will be after bigger worms.
You are able to sprint in but it does run out if you aren't careful so you have to be strategic about when you use it either offensively or defensively. has a sort of PVP aspect where if a player can kill a worm the worm will turn into orbs and you will be able to pick them all up. This means the bigger you get, the more of a target you become for the faster smaller worms that will try to cut you off and kill your worm so they can take your orbs.
The game only gives you one life, so if another player kills you that's it. You have to start out on the very beginning. There are several advantages however to becoming a larger worm.
You can actually trap other worms within your body by turning around onto yourself. This creates a ring of doom that you can make smaller and smaller and eventually gobble up the worms. You can also protect yourself in this coil you create so while you munch on the sweet orbs of other worms you will be protected from enemies outside of your coil.
There are a ton of strategies that take place in and its hard to say who has the advantage, but the goal is the same. You wanna make your worm the biggest worm on the server. also offers some skins! so you can customize the look of your worm! There are leader-boards on each server so you can see who has the biggest worm and how long they are! is an incredibly accessible and incredibly addictive gam. It is a great way to kill a few minutes if you have a web browser handy, or you can end up plunging hundreds of hours into it, if you aren't careful!