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Rainbow Rocks Rarity Dress Up

Rainbow Rocks Rarity Dress Up - Rarity is famous for her bag of special outfits that she constantly has had, just in case she wants to carry out a last second outfit change. Now, Rarity's bag of outfits can come in handy since among her buddies spilled juice onto her dress throughout lunch. She does not wish to walk round with a large stain on her dress all day, so she has decided to stop by the locker room so she can alter her outfit and choose an entirely new appearance. However, with so many alternatives to pick from, this fashionable pupil can not decide about what to wear. That is why she is asked you to help her pick out the best outfit so she is able to change from her stained clothing. Browse the wide choice of adorable dresses, girly hairstyles, trendy accessories and much more, to make the ideal style for Rarity in this fun online dress up game for girls!