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Crossy Road Online

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Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to outer space of course!
Crossy Road is a super fun accessible leap frog inspired game that challenges the player to make it across a dangerous map as far as they can as a tiny little chicken.
The game features a very cute cubic-pixel art style that is a pleasure to look on and runs really well in a browser The obstacles, and maps are well designed it's hard not to enjoy the look of the game!
You will be facing some awful obstacles though! There are rivers, cars, moving platforms and in space you can hit by asteroids! There are two main maps available. The classic style road crossing and the space style which puts your little chicken into space to face off against cosmic obstructions!

While leapfrog may have been rather simple Crossy Road actually adds some interesting twists.
While leapfrog would have stages, Crossy Road is one long level that perpetually generates and get harder as you go on. The challenge isn't to complete it but to compete and see how far you can get!
Crossy Road also has coins scattered across the levels. As you push through and gain distance you will want to pick up as many of these as you can because you will be able to spend them for a chance to unlock new characters to play as! Each stage has different characters so you will want to take each one down in order to unlock all it's collectibles.

You can even get free gifts! So you don't have to worry about not getting a bunch of coins at once! Beware though the time between the gifts gets higher and higher as time goes on so you will want to get better at grabbing those coins if you want all the unlocks.
Crossy Road has very simple controls for both mouse and keyboard. On the keyboard you will just use the directional keys to navigate, with the mouse you have to point in which direction you want to go! Crossy Road is a super fun simple game that is actually quite challenging after you get farther into the level. You will be able to compare your standing with other players on the leaderboards to see how far youVe gotten and how far you have to go to be the best!
So why not give it a try? It's free and available online. So what are you waiting for? Play today!