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Free Barbie Games for Girls

Who doesn’t love Barbie? She’s pretty, pink and with lots of friends to hang out with. When you are not too busy collecting different Barbie dolls, why not entertain yourself with this array of Barbie games? One of our most popular games you can play is Barbie Around The World. Barbie wants to travel for the year, seeing some of the most amazing countries, and it’s your job to help her pack and take her on these adventures. Another one to try is Barbie Multiverse, which is really cool. In this game, Barbie meets Barbie in this crazy world of multiple Barbies and fun dress up adventures. Half the fun of owning a Barbie doll is dressing her up and now you can do it online too. These Barbie games and more can be found here, so check out what is available and play what stands out the most.