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Cherry Soda Dressup

Cherry Soda Dressup - This adorable girl enjoys sweet treats and she works in an ice cream store. Now, provided you mean to have a summer job, have a look at the Cherry Soda game and get some hints on the stylish clothes you could wear if going to work. The clothes are coloured in different shades of red, taking into account the specialization of the ice cream shop is the cherry-sweetened ice cream and same flavored drinks. Thus, when dressing up this adorable girl, team a ruffled scarlet skirt and a puffy top and put her on some sparkling bows to highlight the beautiful colour of her hair. Talking of cool hairstyle, you could arranged it in two fashionable pony tails and include a cherry printed cap as well. Comfy shoes are a must have because the girl will be busy as a bee serving the clients with sweet treats. Enjoy!